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  • 22/08/2022 - 28/08/2022
  • Campus de dirección musical

El próximo día 11 de marzo de 2022 a las 20:00h dará comienzo la Gala Lírica enmarcada en la Temporada Sinfónica Festiva del curso 2021/2022, a cargo de ADDA SIMFÒNICA y la participación de Lor...

Publicación de la revista Fearless correspondiente al Número 94, de la edición Primavera 2021, en la sección Batuta Solidaria....


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Pedagogy project


Teaching conducting is a truly complex and fascinating artistic skill for the teacher.

You have to find the exact technical and musical aspects for each student with the unique purpose that they can improve and develop their own voice and artistic personality.

It is an educational project in the medium and long term since each student takes time to understand or reflect on ideas that the student had not realized before. Therefore, on both sides, teacher and student, it is essential to put into practice also emotional skills such as perseverance, patience, resilience and above all a lot of effort.

For me, it is wonderful and very satisfying to feel the moment when the student begins to understand what you have just explained, as well as to perceive their enthusiasm for their new results and advances.

I enjoy teaching a lot, it is very different from performing, conducting orchestras, moreover, they are two artistic capacities that complement and enrich each other.

— Cristóbal Soler —

CRISTÓBAL SOLER, DIRECTOR DE LA JOVE ORQUESTRA DE LA FSMCV Hace cuatro años presentaba a la federación de sociedades ...